Responsible tourism

The concept of responsible tourism has been the focus of many debates regarding the future of the travel and tourism industry. Many companies define themselves as being responsible in the way they manage their tourism related activities, but few of them actually are. There’s a lot of greenwashing involved, the same way ecotourism – in fact a well-defined concept – was used years ago for every nature-based activity or accommodation.

Simply put, responsible tourism is about ‘making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit’ (Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism, 2002).

According to the Cape Town Declaration, implementing a responsible tourism strategy implies coordinated actions like:

  • reducing negative environmental, economic and social impacts;
  • creating economic benefits and well-being for local communities including through improved work conditions and access to the decision-making process;
  • contributing to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage;
  • offering more meaningful experiences for tourists through more genuine interactions with local people;
  • providing tourists a better understanding of cultural, social and environmental issues of the visited destination;
  • providing access for physically challenged people;
  • last but not least, responsible tourism is culturally sensitive, and promotes respect between tourists and hosts, encouraging local pride and confidence.

Responsible tourism can only be fully developed through a coordinated multi-stakeholder process.

As a tour operator, we aim at doing our part by planning tours and activities that benefit local communities while minimizing negative impacts.

Example: We use family local owned accommodations as much as possible. We employ local guides and encourage our tourists to buy local products.

We market the destination in an accurate way that reflects the destination as it is.

Example: we never organize tours to ‘Dracula’s Castle’. We never take you places where people live like they did centuries ago. Those places don’t exist, and extreme poverty is not solved through occasional tours.

In the end, we always think about the wellbeing of all the people impacted by our tours – our customers, our staff, our partners and of course our hosts – and we fully respect the environment and local cultures and communities.

All our tours, those listed online and the tailor-made options, are designed with complete respect and dedication for the above principles.

9 days

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8 days

A special tour of the most beautiful Romanian castles and palaces, from medieval times to the legacy of the royal family from Peles, Bran and Cotroceni.

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13 days

A tour of the most representative UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania and a cultural journey across centuries of human creation.

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