Attractions in Romania

Romania’s attractions are diverse and separately or together they make a great start for any kind of vacation, whether you’re interested in adventure, culture or more urban-style fun. During your stay in Romania you can easily combine visits to castles and palaces with nature-based activities at all levels of intensity.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Romania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are a great starting point for a cultural journey across the country. These monuments are spread around Romania and you can choose between a complete tour that will require around 12-15 days or a shorter tour focusing on the sites that interest you the most. The UNESCO sites are: the Dacian fortresses from Orastie Mountains, the Fortified Churches of Transylvania, the Painted Churches from Bucovina, Horezu Monastery, the Wooden Churches from Maramures, Sighisoara’s historical part and the Danube Delta. Read more about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania

Cultural and historical heritage

Romania’s history and geographical position have created a complex multicultural heritage easily observed in the architecture variety, the presence of strong ethnic groups and even the delicious culinary recipes that change according to the historical region. This multicultural diversity is an attraction by itself and is best observed visiting at least two historical regions, for instance Transylvania and Bucovina. Romania has many castles and palaces, beautiful museums, countless medieval fortresses and Antiquity ruins. No matter where you are in Romania, you will definitely have cultural attractions around you waiting to be explored. Check some of them on

Rural traditions

The traditional countryside is one of our favorite attractions in Romania. Where else in Europe would you find so many rustic houses, idyllic landscapes and kind people?

Romania’s villages are more than worth a visit and even a full vacation if you want to relax with your family, breathing fresh air, eating only home cooked food with fresh ingredients and uncovering a lost world of traditions that fascinates even Prince Charles who visits frequently the traditional houses he owns in Transylvania.


The Carpathians and the Danube Delta are the highlights of Romania’s natural attractions. Each of them conserves a rich biodiversity and rare landscapes with true wilderness sights. While the Danube Delta is mainly accessible by boat, the Carpathians are best discovered on foot choosing one or more of their many hiking trails that vary from easy walks for all the family to challenging tours of their highest peaks. We will advise you on the best routes considering your physical condition and availability.

Urban fun

Romania’s major cities are not only packed with must-see cultural attractions, but they are also the right place if you’re looking to have fun while enjoying some of the lowest prices in Europe.

From Bucharest, the chaotic and dazzling capital, to Transylvania’s highlights – Brasov, Sibiu and Cluj – Western Romania’s beautiful Timisoara or Eastern Iasi, you have plenty of choices for some fun memorable urban adventures.


This tour explores the key landmarks of communism in Bucharest, starting with the World Record Palace of the Parliament and the former residence of Ceausescu.

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This one day trip to Transylvania combines visits to Brasov and Rasnov Fortress with a tour of Valea Cetatii Cave for a day of fun and discoveries.

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